Audrina sunglasses

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  1. Can anyone identify Audrinas sunglasses?

  2. do you have a picture please?
  3. Anyone have any idea?
  4. no but i love themmm! they are so pretty. i hope someone can ID them
  5. they are from gucci. i think you can still purchase the purple framed version from their website? GL
  6. ^^^ i was about to say the same thing :tup:
  7. i love the glasses. i think i might need to grab myself a pair before i head out to LA next month!
  8. they're limited edition GUCCI from this season so still available
  9. The exact style is GG1827
  10. The shades are GORGOUS :drool:
  11. its hard to tell but does anyone know where the shirt is from?
  12. It looks like the style of LaRok's fall stuff but Im not positive.
  13. lol, the rare mirror of the car on the right corner is completey smashed, just noticed that, poor car owner