Audrina Patridge's super cute sweater - who makes it?

  1. Does anyone know what brand this is or where I can find a similar one? Its so cute!

  2. She´s gorgeous. I saw a similar one at H&M just the other day.
  3. Thats cute! I have no clue where it could be from?
  4. so after some shopping around i think that it's this cardigan by generra:


    it's $325, and also available in a pewter color which i absolutely love :heart:

  5. love it.
  6. the pewter color is very cute!
  7. Good find, jc! Gorgeous sweater!
  8. Wow!! :yahoo: Thanks JC, how in the world did you find it!! Your a pro!! :tup: I search internet for about an hour to no avail before positing it up here!! Thanks!!!! $300-something it steep!! I'll definitely need to save up! I dont mind paying if it is good quaility. Anyone know abotu the brand?
  9. That was good sleuthing by jc2239! Here is the link at Revolve Clothing:

    I believe they are price matching a Shop Intuition code of 30% off. Plus they do free shipping and free return shipping, and then no tax. It's still somewhat pricey, but all of that helps IMO and I think it's a piece you will be able to use quite a bit! :tup: You can just place your order and then call or e-mail them and they will credit your account I believe.

    Very cute sweater by the way!
  10. Cute!
  11. thanks everybody! :shame: i'm a HUGE shopaholic so if it's available online i've probably seen it (sadly).

    as for the price, as ashakes mentioned revolve is great about price-matching and has the coupon code. it's an adorable sweater and if you really like it i think you should definitely go for it-i'm sure it'll be really versatile in the coming weather.

    i have a few generra pieces (blazer, jacket, skirt, etc) and they all seem to be pretty well made/hold up well under wear. i haven't had any issues with my pieces and their stuff is very very cute!