Audrina Patridge Thread!

  1. I lke the casual look
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  3. Not my favorite, but not awful either.

    Side note...I read an article on Audrina a few months ago and her hair stylist was saying how she has enough hair for two people, but then when her hair was shorter it looked really thin to me and now its long and thick again so she must wear extensions. Could she still go in the ocean and pool with extensions though?
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  5. cute dress, wrong shoes
  6. She's one of the few girls I like with the subtle ombre hair color. It really suits her beachy vibe.

    Is that Chanel WOC the only purse she has though?
  7. Awful dress... Totally wrong on her.
  8. It is actually the shoes that i am offended by...
  9. 5th Annual Sunset Strip Music Festival Official VIP Party August 17 2012:
  10. can she stop with those hideous shoes.
  11. Her dressed up style isn't very good...she looks best when she's really casual. Either way those shoes need to go. Very seldom do I like her shoe choices.
  12. damn she's thin
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  14. she really does insist on ankle strap shoes, huh?
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