Audrina Patridge gets a tattoo... Maybe.

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  1. ahh...I don't care about audrina AT all. But her hair does look good :smile:
  2. She's Laurens friend from the Hills.

    I live near SF so me going to LA is like once-twice a year, but lucky me... I WAS THERE! =)
    my first encounter with a celebrity! hahaha. Too bad she was inside the tattoo shop, and i couldnt ask for a picture... :sad:
  3. Stupid me, i didnt notice page 2 and 3. haha

    I didn't know she was so hated on... owells!
  4. I know, if it was real it would be swollen, all greased up with ointment, and it might even be a lil bloody. WTF, that is so fake. On a side note I love that show Pop Fiction:yes:
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