Audrina Patridge gets a tattoo... Maybe.

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  1. who the hell is this???
  2. Audrina from MTV's reality show, The Hills
  3. she's really pretty and i love her hair. but that is totally fake, it's not even swollen or a little puffy! and is that fake blood?? hahaha
  4. Its fake its for Ashton Kutchers new prank show .. lame prank at that.
  5. Wow, she's getting alot of airtime. I wonder if LC is ok with that. lolz. Love them both though :biggrin:
  6. Yeah this is so Ashton - too funny I can't wait to see his show!
  7. what an ugly tat... real or fake I don't like it....
  8. yeah it was for pop really fooled us...

    who really even cares that she got a tattoo?
  9. I don't doubt there are thousands of people with tattoos which translate to things far worse!
  10. lol
  11. "Titanic" Star Sinks Audrina's Publicity Stunt
    Posted Mar 28th 2008 1:15PM by TMZ Staff
    Audrina had paps salivating as she got a fake tattoo for that lame reality show -- until Billy Zane showed up next door and really stole her thunder! Um... "Ttianic" was 11 years ago!
    Also sad but true, Zane would never get that much paparazzi coverage without blindly walking into it. Iceberg!
  12. totally pop fiction. although she is very publicity starved lately.
  13. ^^ just a dime-a-dozen reality star :tup:
  14. LOL, I kind of love and hate Pop fiction... it makes me second guess everything. Imagine if it had been around a year ago when Britney shaved her head. -We'd all be like, "duh, Ashton -we know it's you" haha

    This tattoo is SO fake and ugly, but pork fried rice sounds yummy though
  15. OT, but "Titanic" was 11 years ago? WTF, I am getting so old :wtf:
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