AudreyII's Bags

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  1. Gorgeous collection, I especially like the brown prada e/w bag! Congrats! :flowers:
  2. wow, love the range of bags in your collection!
  3. Thanks Guys :heart:

    Think i'll take updated group pics this week while my BF is away (i'm sure he would think I was certifiable if he saw these pics!), would be nice to see them all together and count how many I have now...
  4. I nearly ran out of stairs :nuts:. I know this is still in the minor leagues compared to some of you lucky gals & guys on here, but I can't believe I have 34 bags!



  5. Now I have to put them all away and it's 1am here, I really am mad!
  6. Love ur Cannage! Been Thinking of getting one myself,in silver:drool:
  7. omg great Dior collection - love the two mini gaucho's.
  8. What a great collection. I love your Mulberry Chocolate Patent Bayswater. I fancied the purple patent bayswater, but dont know if I would use the bag, I feel purple may go out of fashion, does it go over your shoulder? Also your brown prada at the bottom of the stairs is stunning also!
  9. Love EVERY bag in your collection!!! You really have GREAT taste!!!!
  10. :heart:Thanks for taking the time to look and leave your sweet comments:heart:

    Lanbanan, another fellow Scot, Hiya!
    The Bayswater does fit on my shoulder, I did want to get the purple but the shop didn't have it and the Chocolate almost looked Burgundy so I got it instead. Depends how much you love the purple, it might go out of fashion just because it's been so high profile this year, everyone is likely to remember when it came out.

    BalenciagaLove1, my BF will be well chuffed with that comment, he buys all my bags and picks a lot of them on his own too. Bit ashamed to admit that when there's so many fiercely independant women on here, but hey, I couldn't afford them myself.
  11. So jealous! What a great bf you have. I adore all of your bags! You have so many that I love- the small denim gaucho, the mini spys, the Dior cannage, the Prada shimmery black luxe hobo....ahhhhhh!!!!!!! Great Collection:okay:
  12. love them all~
  13. love that prada gradient bag
  14. Nice collection!
  15. Thanks:heart:

    Really need to post my Christmas pressies....