AudreyII's Bags

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  1. I love that dior drawstring, always want one in pink:supacool:
  2. wow, amazing collection!!
  3. As promised, some of my new additions

    Fendi Baby Spy - Camel

  4. Mulberry Chocolate Patent Bayswater

  5. Love your new additions,the baby spy in camel is stunning.Love the colour.
  6. MORE :yahoo:

    This time a little trip to Prada




    Still have my first LV and my new Dior to come...
  7. Love the variety of your collection!!
  8. I love your Dior and Prada! Oh the MIU MIU!! TDF!!!
  9. Great collection! I love your Miu Miu.
  10. My 1st LV - Houston, Vernis in Amarante

  11. What totally lush collection!!!!!!!!! After perusing your fab collection I can now see why you are a bit unsure of your Mulberry,you are so not afraid of distinctive accessories!All power to ya lassie! Stick with the Mulberry,you have chosen a bag of real old school glamour that really is not for a shrinking violet, just think of Audrey Hepburn,Grace Kelly etc, now they would be cat-fighting over that bag! I wish I was little more adventurous when it comes to color,the wildest thing I own is a Paul Smith belt!!(the wide one,so none of your laughing,if I was a real chicken I would have gone for the thin one!!
  12. Audrey2, you are such a lucky girl,and I know what you mean about this site,so nice to speak to other ladies who share a love of gorgeous things,and share your taste and passion with no sniping or *****iness,it does give you a lovely feeling!! So hello everyone!!!We all enjoy our bags that little bit more with each others comments and praise,its so lovely!!!

    PS Audrey2,I never fail to smile at your cake caption,its fab!!!!!!!!!
  13. Thanks chaz:flowers:
  14. Updated group shot. These are all the bags bought since June this year. This forum should seriously come with a warning!!!!

  15. Beautiful collection! Your rouge paddy is :nuts: I love your Prada too :girlsigh: