AudreyII's Bags

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  1. OMG i love all your bags
  2. you have a fabulous and well-rounded collection! sooo many amazing bags!
  3. Wonderful!
  4. love your miu miu, its gorgeous
  5. I love your bags!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
  6. Thanks everyone:heart:

    Here are my latest additions

    Chloe Bay in Elephant

  7. Prada Gauffre Wallet


    Prada Vernice Sfumata

  8. Great collection!
  9. This bag is gorgeous. Who's the maker/brand? :heart:
  10. ^^^ Miu Miu, it's like a mini coffer but i've seen it described as Oversized frame bag
  11. Prada Vernice Sfumata


    OMG!!!!! I am DROOLING over this bag!!! She is absolutely gorgeous! I'm a devoted LV fan/worshipper but this PRADA Sfumata has got me kookoo!!! :drool::woohoo::yahoo:
  12. Wow, thanks, I'm still not sure about this bag, it was a gift from my BF.

    I have 5 new additions to upload including my first LV and my first Mulberry:yahoo:
    Need to get snapping!
  13. i loove ur collection ! :]:heart:
  14. Beautiful collection and I love your Chloe's and the MiuMiu is so classy ... GREAT