Audrey Hepburn GAP commercial- yay or nay?


Do you like the Audrey Hepburn Gap commercial?

  1. Loves it!

  2. I like it

  3. So So

  4. Not great but better than the ones with SJP!

  5. Hates it! Let Audrey rest in peace!

  6. Don't care either way

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  1. Mods, I wasn't sure if I should post this in the Television subforum, Celebrity forum, or GD, so I put it here. Feel free to move it. :yes:

    I'm not a fan- kinda creepy. I think of her in pearls and that black Givenchy sheath dress- not pimping Gap jeans. What do you think?

    YouTube - Audrey Hepburn falls into the Gap
  2. I agree. I saw the commercial today and thought. Wow! I associated this woman with elegance and style not skinny jeans. It does go hand in hand with Ikea selling prints of her.
  3. was she really wearing gap thou? ? ?
  4. I absolutely loathe it!! Its rather ironic that the character Audrey plays in Funny Face is anti-fashion and material and the Gap uses a scene from that very movie.

    (I do realize she later becomes a model in the movie but she is hesitant to become one...)
  5. Meh. I like the scene they picked from the movie, but I don't think it goes well with Gap sells. I can't imagine Audrey Hepburn in Gap clothes.
  6. i like the commercial.. i mean, audrey.. but with gap? i don't think she would be wearing those things.. hehe...
  7. this is just WEIRD.
  8. it's just a really obnoxious and LONG commercial.
  9. I love watching Audrey Hepburn movies but I absolutely hated this commercial! I also associate her with elegance and not GAP.
  10. audrey hepburn is the last person i'd think would hawk jeans for the gap. weird.

    i don't like it. not even a little bit.
  11. I absolutely hate that commercial. It works in print ads though. At the GAP store in downtown San Francisco, there are prints of her screened onto the glass windows and the skinny black pants are placed right in the front of the store. That attracted me to go in and try them on. While I was in line for the fitting room, literally every woman in line was holding a pair of the black pants to try on.
  12. It feels kind of weird. AH is an icon of chic, and have absolutely nothing to do with GAP - those two don't go together at all.
  13. Vicky-- I totally agree!!

    I do not like the commercial!
  14. What's next-- Grace Kelly for American Eagle?!?!
  15. I LOVE Audrey (to the point of obsession, hence my username :angel:) but this commercial made me sad. It looked retro and edgy. Her style was sleek and sophisticated, her manor graceful. This doesn't suit her at all, IMO.

    One huge Nay for me! :Push: