Audrey Hepburn and Louis Vuitton

  1. Hi everybody!
    I know that Audrey used to own a Speedy, but what size was it? I remember reading that LV made a bigger size of the Speedy for her, but cannot recall which one... [​IMG]

    Happy New LV year everybody!
  2. i can't see that pic, but i believe it was a 30. i think, i may be wrong. lol.
  3. I also don't see a picture... Only
  4. I'm quite sure I've seen her pics with speedy 25 in some other forum!
  5. I don't see the picture, but I think its a 30.. I may be wrong.
  6. Is this the picture?

  7. I don't see the pic, but I think it's the one that Trolley-Dolly posted.. It seems a 30..
  8. Yeah!! that's the one and speedy is 25! Somebody, pls correct me if I'm wrong..
  9. Yes it is! Don't know what happened:confused1:
  10. I thought LV made a smaller one for her and that was the speedy 25.. I'm not sure though =)
  11. she is a petite women, i'd say it's a 25!
  12. I love this pic!

  13. Me to! She is one of several reasons why I'm getting myself a Speedy=).
  14. a 25 was especially made for her as there was no 25 back then... that's what I thought
  15. thats right. she loved the shape but thought the 30 was to big for her so LV made her a smaller size, what we now know as the 25.