Audrey help!!!!

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  1. Buy both and return the one you don't want. A girl has gotta have choices!
  2. Given ur description, and given what reveals u have posted here...I'm kinda wondering if u would be happy with color...violet?!! Can always exchange it if ur not crazy about the shade.
  3. I am totally getting the eggshell Audrey
  4. I think thats what I'll do:P thanks:smile:
  5. I say the Violet...Very feminine....All of your bags are Great so I have Faith in you to chose the one that you will love and be happy with!!!!Good Luck:smile:
  6. Thanks, I think that i'll love the violet more, its just a happy color for me!!!
  7. Would have to see the other colors to say, I've only seen the eggshell! Gorgeous bag though!