Audrey help!!!!

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  1. Hello my peeps!!!!!
    So i'am getting the Embroidered Floral Audrey!!!! and i want the bag to be my HG and stunning!!!!! I love pink and purlpe alot, which i do have colorful bag and i have black bags too, i think that i like to be loud and sometimes tacky,like i have pink in the bottom of my hair, blue nails, and crazy color tee with all that said WHICH COLOR BAG SHOULD I GET???????
    psssst, thanks
  2. this is the bag in eggshell..........i have not seen it in the other colors
  3. Eggshell!

    But seriously... go Anthracite. I think the violet may be too demure for ya!

    Heeeeey, aren't you going to wait and see if there is PCE? That would give you some time to really think over your color choices and possibly see the bags IRL.

    I am going to wait for PCE hopefully, cuz I'm cheap!
  4. Well with all the color going on I say anthracite!!!
  5. Im definetely all for violet!!!! We have the same taste in hair, nails, and bags I see!!!!
  6. soooo want it in eggshell!!!
  7. well i should, but i have a gift card that is about to burn a hole in my pocket!!!!
  8. Haha! All my credits and GC already burned a hole in my pocket!
  9. u dun like eggshell color? i think eggshell is nice!!! Please post pix when u receive it!!!
  10. Ooooo dont worry i will, I'am a reveal whore:P....jk, but i will;)

  11. Lmao @ reveal whore!!!!
  12. It is hard to say without seeing them IRL, who knows the violet could be very bold
  13. The violet just seems to be so yummy, and so dreamy:love:
  14. I don't know I need to see a drill-down of both..I might get the anthracite for myself.
  15. Where is this bag? I cant find it on the website. Can someone post the link...?