Audrey Cinched tote...a little help Please!

  1. I know that I posted a little while ago about the Audrey patent navy cinched tote vs. the Abigail, but now I really am leaning toward the cinched tote. I dont have a Coach store near me to try on or to see the bags in person so I hoping my friendly TPF'rs can help me out ;)
    Does anyone have a comparison pic of the Medium cinched tote along side the smaller cinched tote. I am about 5'2" and weigh about 115 lbs. I wondering if the medium is too big or if the smaller is too small. A mod shot would be helpful too if you have it.
    I did do a search but I couldnt really find much on the smaller cinched tote.
    Also, I really love the Lagoon, but the navy is quite fine too. (So undecided)
  2. What make u second guessing the abigail? I like the navy audrey a lot myself.
  3. I really wanted a patent tote and I really like how the navy and lagoon just leap out at me. I do love the look of the abigail, but not in the colors available. I'm hoping to get an idea of the medium and small size comparison.
  4. I think that if you want it for a normal purse, the smaller one is cuter. My daughter is deciding between the two sizes. She really likes the look of the smaller one and she will only get the bigger one if the smaller one isn't big enough for her books. As a purse, the smaller one seems plenty big.
  5. I will only be using the bag as a purse and the smaller one actually seems about the size of my Ashlyn hobo, just wider. I am really concerned that the bigger one may just be too big. I might just order both and return the one I dont feel is the right fit. I hate not having a Coach store near by!
  6. Someone posted mod shots of both sizes in the Mod Pics thread. I don't think the pics are right next to each other, but they are pretty close. Same person in both photos so it's easier to tell the difference between the two bags.
  7. Oh thank you! I'll try to find it.
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  9. Here are the small and medium

  10. Thank you so much for posting this picture. I really love the Lagoon but the smaller one might just be the right size for me, especially if I decide to wear her cross body. Does the smaller one hold quite a bit in comparison to the bigger one?
  11. I like the Lagoon color but actually like the coral one better. It does hold alot. The Larger one is kinda too big and the Crossbody strap isn't long enough. The straps on the smaller one are just perfect!
  12. Thank you again for all of your input. This is just the information that I needed to finalize my choice. 😊
  13. Lagoon only comes in the larger size
  14. I made my choice and placed my order tonight! I'll post a pic when I get it :biggrin:
  15. I'm anxious to see mod pics of you and your new bag. I'm 5'2" also and some bags just feel overwhelming to me.