Audrey bag thoughts - would like a new bag


Sep 12, 2009
I love the look of the Audrey but I only have one credit card and its Nordstroms so my choices are limited which bag to you guys have already have a black bag and a plum bag. Let me see if I post some ones that I like thanks

or other suggestions thanks a bunch:smile:


Team Eric
Aug 12, 2007
If you already own a black and plum bag, then brown would be a great addition. I think you could grow tired of both print bags, and they have a greater chance of 'going out of style' where a brown bag will not. I have the Espresso Sabrina, and it has been my go to bag since I bought her over a year ago. Good luck with your decision!
i agree with badgegirl and sassypursefreak, a solid leather bag would remain far more fashionable in the long run. while the ocelot bag is really gorgeous IRL, i would say go for the brown audrey. i have a black audrey and a walnut sabrina, and i'm so glad that i have those different options. audrey is great, you won't regret buying her!
Oct 22, 2009
I have this bag in mahogany (leather) is gorgeous. Never having owned a satchel type bag before, I wasn't sure if I'd like toting one of these around but, as it turns out, this one is my favorite. This just may be the perfect bag. The box-like design makes it easy to keep everything organized and, although it doesn't look like a large bag from the outside, it's amazingly large on the inside. The flat handles (as opposed to the rounded handles on the Sabrina) are comfortable both on the arm and in the hand. One of the best things about this bag is that you have the option to use it as either a satchel, which will give the bag one look, or switch it to a shoulder bag and it has a completely different look. It's almost like getting a two for one.
Personally, I'd take leather over fabric any day. There's not much difference in price and I would think that, over time, the leather will hold up much better to wear.
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Sep 20, 2009
I have been going back and forth about the audrey for a awhile now bc of my huge love for sabrina and I actually just ordered for my self the audrey in copper and its lovely in IRL. I agree you honestly cant go wrong with any color at all.