Audra or Alma Multicolor?

  1. Hi guys! Help me to buy Audra or Alma , white or black?? i have white aurelia GM and black eliza in MC range.Help me kay!!!Thanx!
  2. definitely audra :biggrin: get it before they discontinue it!
  3. serious??!! wow i have to check with my Sa then..thanx cecilia!
  4. The black Audra looks stunning if you don't mind the open top bag and since you have the Aurelia GM, it looks like you don't mind it at all! Since your GM is white, then get the black Audra so you'll have a tote in both colors.

    I love the Alma, too, and if I were to get one I would get it in black.

    Good luck!!
  5. Audra is a good mix of cute and refined, white or black, both beautiful.
  6. Audra but I love the Alma also grrrrr!
  7. I'll have to go with the Alma..
    I had an audra and it was a hassel.
    The chucky chain handles were am effort to keep straight.

  8. THANX DEAR,but i'm still confuse :smile:
  9. black alma, one of my favorites......i use mine alot

  10. u think so?? thanx so much for telling me :confused1:
  11. Tough choice. I like them both, but I'd probably go with the Alma
  12. Alma! I have the black MC Alma, and it's gorgeous even if I never use it. lol
  13. The Audra! It's so adorable- but then again I've never been a fan of the MC alma.
  14. white alma....i always opt for zippered or semi-latched bags :yes:
  15. alma,looks great on Damier IMO, so get the audra..It will be discontinued soon,it's kinda small tough and open top.