Audra on sale, 70% off at Saks South Coast Plaza

  1. There are two Audras, one brown, one green, 70% off at Saks South Coast Plaza as of 4 pm today. Originally priced $1755, now $530, and you can presale it for next thursday and get a gift card (SA not sure how much, either $25 or $50).
  2. OMG....Wow...I was really wondering about the green one!
  3. I just called and the guy said there is no green bag!
  4. There were 2, 1 brown, 1 green. Also a couple of purple zac pozen at 70% off (5 something), brown CD soft cannage bowler ($690), pewter cole haan, and several small pewter burberry manor bags.
  5. Ok, I am so confused now. I just called Saks at South Coast Plaza & the lady that I spoke to said that they don't carry any Chloe bags. Did I call the wrong store or something? I wanted to see if they still had the brown Audra bag.
  6. Chloe is not their normal brands. Those two were probably returns, and they were on the sales table. And, I will bet that SA did not even bother to check the sales table.
  7. I called. They had the bags yesterday and they sold yesterday.
  8. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I kind of thought that after I hung up the phone. It looks like they are both gone anyway. Guess it was not meant to be.
  9. wowsers! that is so cheap!
  10. Great deal for someone.
  11. I really liked the Green Audra bag. It got panned on the Blog and I remember writing, "I'm glad you all hate it because when it goes on sale it'll be mine LOL"...

    No I didn't buy it...That was an awesome deal!!