Audra Clone, anyone?

  1. Oi, Marc Jacobs needs a bit more inspiration...
  2. Odd? and boring?
  3. I saw these at NM the other day and thought Marc is doing a knockoff of Chloe!
  4. Am kicking myself for not putting those on hold:cursing:...I thought you gals don't like the audra...guess I was wrong:push:
  5. acshih - Don't kick yourself, at least you let us know about them. Not many of us were fans of the Audra at full price. But, somehow at 70% off, Audra became a bit more attractive....
  6. OMG, TOTALLY what I was thinking...
  7. Ditto! :p
  8. OMG this is getting ridiculous! I noticed these too, especially the patchwork!

    I've posted about a couple of other clones - we should so start a "chloe chlones" thread - I'm sure I've seen others!
  9. To be fair, lots of designers have done square studs, lately (Giles Deacon for Mulberry, Givenchy etc) and Chloe wasn't even the first. :nogood:

    Says something about how I feel about the current Chloe, that I prefer the MJ design to the Audra and I definitely preferred the MJ, Givenchy and Giles Deacon A/W '07 R-T-W collections to Chloe's. :yes:

    Also, patchwork bags are hardly a new concept, are they?