Audra black or white MC...

  1. Anyone out there with the Audra MC? Do you love it any thoughts on it? Trying to decide what I am going to ask for X-mas? Really like this style from pics...does it hold much???
  2. black!
  3. It is a stunning bag and I never see is 1440. can so it would have to be an x-mas/b-bay/v-day gift. Does anyone have a pic of it??? I just have the pic on the vuitton website...stunning bag!!!!! It is not advertised like the Alma and speedy.....but super nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. White : )
  5. I have the white and I adore it. It carries a ton!

    :yes: you can see them in our collections.
  6. Black!
  7. White! I've had my eye on this one for a while!!
  8. I like the white one... it's pretty! Here's a pic I found from a Korean tv mini-series... with actress, Jang Na-ra carrying this bag. She is rather petite, around 5'3" tall.

    I really wanted to get this bag at first, but it's a bit too small... I'm usually into bigger, shoulder bags.
  9. Oh it's cute! I like the white MC though... =)
  10. It look small in the pic above...I too like bigger bags at least a medium size bag....
  11. Black!
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