AUD $80 for Shipping to US of a wallet is that fair? PLEASE HELP ME!!

  1. Hi eveyone:

    I am in need of info here!! I just won a LV wallet from eBay. The seller is asking a (what i think is) sky high price for shipping. She said this to me: I rang the post office they quote me AUD$45 airmail shipping to USA, insurance up to $500 is $35, so total for postage with insurance is AUD$80.00 ($62.25 USD) :wtf: I want to know if that is really the price for AU? My wallet was won at $540.55 AUD.

    Also she only takes Bank Transfers. I asked her if she can use Paypal and told her that it be free for her and it's better. She never answer to me on that. Does anyone know the cheapest and safest way to do a bank transfer? I don't know anything about paying with bank transfer internationaly.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!! :yes:

    With all the shipping this is going to be more than i can handel for a wallet :crybaby:
  2. Gee that does sound like alot. I know there really is no safe way to do a bank transfer though. Once you send someone money that way I believe it would be hard to get it back if something went wrong. Also I think your bank charges you a small fee for doing this as well. I know I sent a small bag from the US to Chile and it costed me a bit to ship it but definitely not $60 and you don't have to get insurance on items to ship them. I hope you can get this figured out but might be best to just let this go and take a bad rating.:s
  3. I've just checked on the website Welcome To Australia Post for you.

    For EMS mechandise up to 0.5 kg is $45.50 and insurance for $500 is $16.25.
    Total will be $61.75

    Good Luck~
  4. Is that in USD? And what is EMS?

  5. EMS is express mail which is sent via courier service, can be tracked online and has to be signed for....Aus Post do not offer a general international registered parcel service only the EMS service. I know posting items from here to overseas is very expensive:yes:
  6. I think thats in AUD, and EMS is International Courier Express, its the safest and fastest (and most expensive:push:smile:shipping method. I don't usually add insurance when using EMS though.

    Or, if you are not in a hurry, you could ask the seller to send it via normal air mail plus insurance (arrives within 7-12 working days), it would be around AU$20~25.
  7. I think it's meant to be ECI - this stands for Express Courier International. This method of postage consists of 7 scans which is recorded each time it reaches a certain destination. Both parties can track the whereabouts of the item using the tracking number provided by the post office. This is also express post, which means it only takes approximately 4-6 days (usually at the earlier end)...I've sent many items to the US without insurance and they all arrived fine... IMO there is no need to purchase extra insurance, but definetly use EMS just so you know that the sender actually sent the item, and that you'll be able to track it. I personally wouldn't do a bank transfer if you're an international buyer, simply because it's hard to track the money, and 'if' (crosses fingers) the buyer turns out to be a con, you won't be able to get your money back!! :sad: If you've got any more questions, by all means post them on here, and we'll all try and help :biggrin:

    Hope that helps!
  8. haha, three posts all at once ;)

  9. HAH?? US$ 80 for wallet only?? Even she'll use surface air mail, not EMS!! EMS, in USA you may called it as Global Mail Express. You know, with surface air mail, your wallet will take around 2-4 weeks to arrive. I don't think I'll glad to pay AU$ 80 then my wallet arrive for that long time.

    Tell her, AU$ 80 it's the cost for EMS, not surface air mail, don't let her cheat you :push: even I'm not sure EMS will cost her AU$ 80 for wallet only. I'm in Asia and I ever shipped Epi Vanilla Speedy25 with EMS ( 5 days + tracking number ) to USA, you know how much I paid? US$ 30 only!! We all KNOW, wallet isn't as heavy and big such Epi Speedy, right?
    So, it's unreasonable if she asked you for that high shipping cost.
  10. I have posted many things to Europe via EMS and one cost me AUS $ it is the most expensive method of shipping BUT is the most secure....the other method is airmail with insurance:yes:
  11. Could you trust her? Check her feedback! I ever won and paid by bank transfer to someone from Malaysia but live on Australia, mmm Victoria, Perth. Finally, she lost with my money and my lovely LV Cherry Blossom Ssatin Pink Shoes :cursing: Her name is J.K.Randhawa. Beware coz I noticed that nasty woman always can sign-up with eBay after another account was suspended by eBay, she even provided eBay incorrect phone number. Check her selling history first.
  12. Oh guys thank you so much!!! I am going to tell her to use Air mail and it's around AUD $13.50 and add insurance! I just hope insurance is allowed with air mail. I am also going to pay bank fund transfer with Paypal only! (this is safe for me right?)

    *cross my finger* I hope she can agree to both of these!! I really don't want a neg feedback... :sweatdrop:

    Again, thank you all very much :flowers:
  13. Good luck :yes: I cross my fingers for you.
  14. Guys.. oh no this is what she reply to me: :sad:

    This is the price I been quoted by my local post office, and as stated in my listing i only accept direct bank deposit. I do not accept paypal as I've had bad experience with paypal. I will file a unpaid item report, using the we both agreed not to complete the transaction.

    What should i do?? :confused1:
  15. ^^ If she have stated in the auction that she will only accept direct bank deposit, there's nothing you can do. If she has good feedback, I think is ok to pay her by bank deposit.

    For the shipping cost, tell her to check on the website or ask her if the shipping cost is lower than the quoted price, is she going to refund the extra money back.