AUD$70 Gucci, Dior, DG Sunglasses Sale at MYER!

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  1. Hi to those from Australia!!

    I'm not sure if any of you know the extent of the sale that is currently going on at Myer, but at the Macquarie store, I just picked up two pairs of sunglasses (gucci and dior) that used to retail for $300 but got them for just $70!!


    i am ecstatic
  2. really?!is it still on this week?
  3. thanks so much for the heads up, i'll definitely try to check it out tomorrow :nuts:
  4. That fantastic....last time i saw them it was $100, unfortunately i was waiting for the chanel to go on sale.....but it aint happening.:crybaby:
  5. does anyone know when the sale will end? i don't think i will have time to drop by Myer until the end of this week
  6. ooh thanks I really need to get to Myer but like Brasilian Babe can't make it till end of week...i really wanted scarves too :shrugs:
  7. oh im off to the city myer tomorrow then lol dam u make me spend more money, but hey designer stuff under 100 is a rare find down here
  8. why don't i live in australia?? i need a new pair of sunnies bad.
  9. haha.. yeah.. Unfortunatley, Tom Ford, Chanel and Marc Jacobs are not on sale.

    I hope the sale lasts for a little while longer since its supposed to be the "history making" sale. DJ's has already stopped sale stuff.

    I say your best bet wouuld be to head to the local Myer instead of going to the the City Myer. People in the suburbs usually just have old ladies shopping there unless its Late Night shopping on thursday.
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: I shop in Westfield Chatswood all the time....I'm no old lady!:lol: Thanks for the info goodmornin!:flowers:
  11. Hmm unfortunately i live closest to a suburban Myers its :yucky: and has no designer stuff :hysteric:
  12. Hi Lee!!

    OMG i shop at Westfield Chatswood every week! Its amazing. Hope they have some ok stuff left!
  13. Do they only have the less popular designs? And I'd love to see the ones you picked up!!
  14. :crybaby: Just got back from Myer at Chatswood. Don't designer sunny on sale there.....and not many old ladies chicks everywhere;)
  15. :nuts: Thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately, I can't get into Myer in the city until the weekend.:crybaby:
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