Auctiva members-I need help!

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm currently using Auctiva to post my Ebay merchandises. I'd like to ask if anyone know how to re-list an item and it would appear in closed listings after it is sold? I want to add insurance to few sold items.

  2. Also, does anyone have customer service phone number for Auctiva? I'd like to call them up and ask if it is possible! :smile:

  3. Yes, it's under closed listings. There should be a link "Edit and Relist" for each of your closed items.
  4. I think phone support is only available with the Premium plan, but it looks like you can file a support request. That can be find at the top of the right panel when you go to Help.

  5. I know how to re-list via Auctiva but when the items are sold, I can't find where they are in the closed listings. After your reply, I took a close look and found the recent sold item! :yahoo:.

    I filed a support request via email, but kept receiving error messages. I know customer service phone number and chat support are available for Premium member only. It sucks though, doesn't it? I've read somewhere saying that Auctiva is owned by Ebay. I think Ebay is trying to get as much as money from us though. :nuts:

    Btw, thanks, NVSinRVA. Your help is greatly appreciated!

    Good night!
  6. np. sorry i couldn't help more. figures auctiva is owned by ebay. i started using auctiva cause it was free and then they started charging for their service :pout: i'm getting tired of all the fees... i'm wondering about other auction sites i can switch to.

    anyway, hope all is well and good luck on your sales.
  7. I used Auctiva for a little while but switched to Blackthorne. There is a free version available though I use the professional one. It is so much better than Auctiva. It is owned by ebay ( I don't think that Auctiva is actually ) It is so easy to use, everything is straight forward. You can go to the help tab on ebay and type blackthorne in the search box to learn more. I know I said it before but it is so easy to use
  8. I switted to inffrog. so far all is good!
  9. shoemanshoe, Leeleerae - Thanks for the tips. I'm gonna take a look at both.