Auctions with the same exact pictures.......

  1. I've noticed several of these. Not the same seller ids - makes me suspicious of both auctions. I sent a couple of emails to the sellers but then stopped cuz honestly can't figure out who's copying who! But really - an authentic bag seller couldn't possibly have the SAME EXACT pictures as someone completely different right? Now that I noticed it - I'm seeing it a LOT!! Makes me not want to bid on any of them......
  2. I would never buy from them either. Even if they are real, the act is a bait and switch because the bag you're getting is not the EXACT same one pictured. You have lazy sellers, then you have theives, and then you have fakes.
  3. Yup - one seller I emailed wrote back saying maybe they use the same dealer?? So then the seller didn't even take the pix?? And maybe doesn't have the item then right? Please, give me a break...... All bidders check your item in a search & see if any other items come up with the same pix - I found several - diff designers.... different sellers involved - one known to sell fakes. Sketchy sketchy stuff. I take all my own pictures - no reason why you can't if you actually have the item you're selling.
  4. I just noticed this same thing this very morning... a bunch (5 or 6) of new Coach Gallery totes... all different sellers, all the same picture. I don't know whose if any are legit but for that reason alone I'd steer clear from all of them.
  5. I see tons of auctions that use the same pictures. In most cases, they are the stock photos from the manufacturers' web sites and catalogs. I don't know if these people are lazy, or scammers. But, I will not buy a bag if the seller only provides stock photos. I provide at least 6 photos of every bag I sell and it only costs around $1.00, so there is no excuse not to do it, IMO.
  6. The one's I'm seeing aren't stock photos, which is very very fishy.......
  7. must be some new way the scammers are working... watch out! They probably found some way around a rule or something and now they are all exploiting it.
  8. I also steer clear of sellers who use stock pictures or copy from others. I'm a seller myself and take my own pictures and use my own language. Although, it has happened to me once when I sold a bag and the buyer wanted to re-sell it because it was too small for her and she was nice enough to tell me in advance that she was going to do that but she didn't say anything about re-using my auction, pics and words! Ugh!:push:
  9. I don't think so and this looks fishy. I will stay away from sellers who use copied pictures for their listings.
  10. I just saw someone else using my pictures to run a competing auction against mine. That makes me so mad!

    I always report them to eBay when I see them because at least that way they will have an eBay "record" of doing it.
  11. I noticed the same thing, I try to stay away from those sellers. You can never be too sure because the fakes are so good sometimes.
  12. There are some sellers-Particularly COACH sellers that have a couple selling IDs or at least claim to. I steer clear of them and always have the shill bidding concern in the back of my mind. There are also SEVERAL sellers that use the same MJ photos-I would say that they purchased the bags from the known seller (of fakes) and then use those same photos to resell the bags at a higher price. :tdown:
  13. I've seen this a lot latetly too. I've seen wayyy to many of diferent acutions selling MJ stams with same pictures and diferent seller, ah they do not use stock photos either.
  14. Yuck, that makes it even more scary. Fishy indeed!
  15. Many sellers on eBay use the same dropshipper. Therefore, they're all using the same pictures. Keep in mind that not all sellers on eBay actually have the handbags in their possession. Dropshippers used are eBay certified otherwise eBay will terminate your listings in a heartbeat. Why do you think so many of the handbags using the same photos are not pulled when one of your handbag listings that you actually take time to take several photos for is declared a counterfeit by eBay. Personally, eBay has gotten on my last nerve with all their pickiness!:mad::boxing: