Auctions with Legacy Stripe Items

  1. Has anyone else noticed how high the recent eBay auctions have been for Legacy stripe items? Originally, I had wanted a Legacy Stripe French Wallet, but after it sold for $415, I promptly changed my mind and moved on to other pursuits. Also, several stripe coin purses have gone for $90+ and $100+!! Even the wristlet and ponytail scarf have sold for above retail when they could still easily be found in stores or online.:wtf:

    Any thoughts on this phenomenon?
  2. i think it's rather stupid...
  3. All I gotta say is I friggin knew I should have bought the legacy striped coin purse when I had the chance. There's no way in hell I'm pay over retail!!!
  4. well if you have the money ,why not ! lol
  5. I feel so stupid returning the coin purse for the embossed wristlet when I could have gotten it at the outlets.
  6. If only I had known the supply-demand situation, I would have bought a bunch of this stuff early on and had a great business going! It's like a lesson from Econ 101.
  7. There is another Legacy stripe french wallet on eBay now. I'm sure it will go high like the one that went over $400.00! I wish I would have purchased it before it sold out! But, who would have known the popularity?!:nuts:
  8. I knew this would happen...thats why I bought what I had to have right away.....and made sure my parents bought the stuff I was getting for Christmas right away.
  9. I had one a should have kept it. I just sold my legacy agenda......and I'm NOT complaining about its selling price!
  10. I was on eBay last night just browsing. I was surprised that legacy items you could order from Coach was going for more on ebay. I noticed a seller touting the whiskey legacy shoulder bag as sold out and not coming back.
  11. Quite a selection on ebay now....wonder if that will keep any of the prices lower
  12. Sellers are probably buying more to sell them for big bucks.
  13. Apparently someone has already put in a $100 bid on this item. I'll be interested to see what happens.
  14. thats actually my listing. i bought it at the coach boutique a few days ago but i just dont think it is for me. it was the last one so i bought it om impulse and have yetto use soi put it up for sale.
  15. Good luck!!