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  1. I've seen several sellers on eBay with many new 2007 handbags. How can people get these bags to sell? Are they seconds?:confused1:
  2. they're probably personal shoppers or individuals who buy more than one and sell them for profit OR those who buy and change their minds.
  3. Or maybe the SA's that work for Chanel. I know the rep at my Saks gets free bags sometimes.
  4. I think some people buy them directly and then resell the hard to find items at a marked up price b/c people will pay.
  5. If they get them for free, they're very lucky!
  6. Some professional ebays will predict them ust have items get on waitlists and buy it first before it gets sold out then list it for over retail...This happens alot with Christian Louboutin shoes which annoy me to no end as the must have styles are expensive to begin with and ebay peopel buy all the stock meaning its sold out and we have to pay over retail for them one bay when we really want them :cursing: --end rant..
  7. I keep thinking no one would buy these items that are considerably over retail price, but some do. If no one did, eventually the price is reduced. I'm referring to the new items and not limited editions. What's that adage, patience is a virtue. (Something I don't posses in abundance, but lacking a money tree, I chant patience.)
  8. C-h-a-n-e-l

  9. Really??
  10. are u sure it's real ? not fake?
    i mean it's possible right?
  11. A NM SA I was chatting with told me they get 30% off. So a $2000 bag costs them $1400! I want a job at part time....LOL
  12. me 2!
  13. They should have a quota i think... not sure how many thou
  14. but they are heavily best friend's mother in law has been working at NM as a Chanel consultant for 20 years and she still buys around 1 bag/year...otherwise, people talk.
    its annoying...she promised me 30% off a bag then reneged when i actually chose 1!
  15. Yep. And she isn't the type to make it up. She said she came home from work one day and there it was, waiting for her on the porch. She didn't pick it out or anything (but who cares, a FREE Chanel!!!), just was a thank you from them for a job well done. She was really surprised, so I gathered they don't do it often.