auction w "immediate payment required" can't process

  1. everytime there is one of these auctions when immediate payment is required, i could never process the BIN as it would not calculate shipping and the 'continue to paypal' button is never active (so i can click on it to go to paypal to pay, so i can BIN!)

    anybody understand why this is?
  2. Not sure if this applies in your situation but one reason this would not work is that if the seller has not included a shipping rate to your country in the shipping section of the listing, you cannot BIN with immediate payment as the system does not know what shipping cost you should pay.
  3. Yes that is what I was going to say, I had problems once where I didnt include Canada and the girl could not continue.

    But I just got some sneakers for my son and had no problems paying right away. So it must be country related.