auction site?

  1. Can anyone else think of a good auction site besides eBay? I have an item I'd really like to sell especially since it hasn't been used at all. It was an impulse buy that I now regret (happens to me a lot). I can't return it since the return policy from the store I bought it from has expired. So now, it's just sitting in my closet. I already tried eBay and got nothing. Not even one person watched the item. :tdown:

    I thought about giving it away to a friend or family member. Unfortunately they either would treat it like garbage or wouldn't know Marc Jacobs from something they sell at Walmart. I need to find a home for it where it's going to be appreciated.
  2. I'd still suggest to list it on eBay. Selling is slow right now. If your feedback number is low, you could sell something small first to build up your feedback before selling name brand bags. Many experienced sellers here have to list several times before items are sold. You could build up your feedback first, then sell your MJ in fall or the holiday seasons.
  3. i agree, there's no bigger site than ebay
  4. lovemyangels is right. Sales are SSLLLLLOOOWWW on eBay right now! I've listed some items multiple times and they have still not sold. So I have some items that I'm going to hang on to for a couple of months before I try to re-list them. It's sucks, but sales are slow for a lot of sellers right now.
  5. sometimes the way you list an item effects weather you sell or not...I find accepting best offers helps things along.
  6. Have you tried Craig'sList? I never have but it's worth a try and will open your market.
  7. I think E-Bay is the best Auction place to list an item. Have you checked E-Bay to fairly price your item? Maybe your item has been priced too high. I haven't listed anything on E-Bay in the summer I am waiting for the Fall to list my items.

    If you had it with E-Bay you could always try a designer consignment store. But I think you will get the most money from E-Bay if the item sells.