Auction Site better than ebay???

  1. I just got this in a email and wonderd if this site would be better than eBay??
  2. I just stumbled across this site today myself. Don't know much about it but I wouldn't do any business with them until You get some feedback.
  3. Portero has been on eBay for a while. Their listings would drive me nuts because they list luxury items that "show" a low, low opening bid for search results but keep a reserve barely under retail. I haven't bought one of their items on eBay because, unless an item is rare or hot, I want a reasonable discount from retail. Also with all the problems we discuss on TPF about ebay, I would not use a newish auction site, LOL! I would also prefer if Portero offered their items in a more straightforward purchase way like other consignment sites do. The whole auction thing just muddies it. The Portero site says they have completed 60,000+ auctions. How many of those were on ebay and how many of those were for items that sold, I wonder...