Auction said "needs a little cleaning"

  1. I won a bag and the auction stated "slightly used" and "needs a little cleaning." What I received was a funky smelling brownish/orangey stained bag that used to be a cream color. I sent the seller an email and described the differences to her and I video taped the bag etc. It wasn't much money but geez!
  2. Will she do anything for you? Can you send it back assuming you don't want to keep it? You can always SNAD but not sure how that would go considering she did indicate it did need a little cleaning... Bummer - like you said guess it is a good thing you didn't pay alot... I would be sure to indicate the seller description discrepancy in the feedback :yes:
  3. That sucks..i hate it when seller trys to decieve their customers!!!
  4. I guess it's very subjective. She said needs a little cleaning, I said it's filthy. She did return my email and offered a refund. I'll be out of shipping costs both ways but it's better than nothing I suppose.
  5. Returning it is better than the battle of descriptions in Paypal I would say... Hopefully you can find another one - would she agree to compensate for any cleaning costs?? Maybe you guys could work it out?? This wasn't a Coach bag was it by any chance???
  6. ^^^ Nope, it wasn't a coach and she suggested returning the bag, I just asked for a resoution. I don't think this bag coud be cleaned and it smells like I imagine a chemical processing plant would smell. I have had bags since high school ( a very, very long time ago) and none look anywhere near as nasty as this one.
  7. Good. I bought a Coach Scribble tote that seller indicated inside was dirty and outside was perfect... OMG the whole thing had taken on a yellow tint. I returned (still waiting for remaining refund-I am waayyy to patient with people) and suggested the seller not use a flash in her listing next time as that is what made the bag look perfect and describe it as it should be - USED and fabric holds yellow tint - could be cleaned - haven't tried myself...
    She relisted and sold it again for a lot less... I can totally empathize with you on this deal. I was so excited to get this bag - and then whammy... You need to do whatever YOU are confortable doing - not what the seller is comfortable doing in order to get resolution on this... Good Luck!!
  8. Do I need to do a SNAD? or can I just ship it back to her?
  9. I personally would just ship back and keep all information. Delivery confirmation and signature confirmation req./ins... If she doesn't refund then file the SNAD.

    I would also suggest to her that you would agree to mutual agreement in eBay so she could get fees back once full purchase/shipping (not return shipping) is refunded---

    What is the attitude you are picking up from her emails?