real or not real

  1. Does any one know the authenticity of the LV's on Is it just a hit and miss website like ebay? I noticed my poupette has a few purses on there and I'm under the impression that my poupette is authentic please correct me if I 'm wrong.
  2. I would say that there Louis Vuitton stuff is fake.
  3. Do you mean I don't think they're genuine.
  4. if it seems too good to be true, it probably is...
  5. They're like ebay sometimes. :yucky:
  6. Most of the auctions on overstock are about as genuine as the stuff on ioffer, but the stuff from poupette would be authentic I think
  7. but...someone must have stolen the poupettes name. that happened to them in ebay how someone added some other name to "pretend" it was my poupette; however they were selling fakes! so, in the end, ebay ended up banning that name as people were getting taken advantage of.

    i mean, why would they sell there? they already have their own site??? i think it's fishy or what you can do is contact mypoupette and verify that it is truly them.

    hope this helps!