Auction or Fixed Price/Best Offer?

  1. Which do you think gets better results? I can see how bidding wars only result out of auctions, but with Best Offer you have people who would be interested because they can win the auction and get it sooner. Any thoughts?
  2. Depend on the price you're looking. If you think you'll accept offer that less at least $100 from your BIN price, then go for best offer :smile:

    Anyway, if you setup with best offer and the price you setup is high, some ppl will affraid to submit offer ( I'm one of them :p ) and prepare yourself to accept low ball from stupid ppl ( don't the item value etc ).

    Good luck :smile:
  3. Lately MANY of my auction items have closed below my cost..NOT GOOD! Very discouraging. It's because the snipers are putting in low bids, not their max. well , maybe the low bid is their max, or they are bidding what they think it will take. Oh, well, this is newbie thinking, I guess. So, I tried auction with BIN and someone will bid just to get rid of the BIN and MAYBE win it low. I am having better overall success with fixed price. Someone who really wants it and is afraid someone else will grab it will buy it rather quickly. Reserve auctions do not attract bidders. You save nothing if no one bids/buys. Relisting is only an advantage if someone actually buys it...costs too much otherwise. Keep in mind that Fixed Price listings do cost more to list. If they do not sell, I put them in my store.
  4. I just do BUY IT NOW with immediate payment required only. I have ONE Best offer on a very high-end clock, but I have an automatic decline on anything lower than a couple of hundred dollars. I don't need to waste my time getting insulting best offers from people....
    Sorry to sound like such a biotch....
  5. I put up an auction and also set a buy it now price. I don't know if I have been kissed on the a$$ by a fairy, but every time I have done this the final bid is far higher than the BIN price.
  6. I'm currently very disgruntled with the whole Best Offer thing on eBay. Too many buyers making offers and then when I accept them - they suddenly no longer want the item and refuse to pay. WTH?!?!

    eBay really needs to make changes to this particular listing style. If they could somehow figure out a way to give sellers an Immediate Payment Required option, it would be so much better for us.

    To answer your question, my personal choice for now is a straight auction listing.
  7. agree with print*model :yes: :yes:
  8. You do report them for this, right? Because their bid IS a contract and eBay will give them a NPB strike and you get your fees back.

    Did you mean an Immediate Payment Required option for auction and other non-BIN items, I assume? Cause, yeah, it would be nice if they had like 24 hours to pay and that's it and that's all. But that assumes everyone uses PP which of course they don't (much to my amazement!).