Auction Or Bin?


    Just curious. Which selling format do you prefer and why?
  2. I'm so down on eBay right now, I can't give you a decent answer. But, are you asking as a buyer or as a seller?
  3. :p I buy far more than I sell and BIN more than bid. I like the idea of picking and choosing without the competition. I've no ulterior motive for asking. I grew curious after reading so many tales of items lost in auctions last few seconds.
  4. Anymore, I prefer BIN but if necessary I will snipe an auction if it's something I really want and their's now BIN.

    As far as selling goes, I will occasionally put a BIN in addition to a NR auction but I usually just do auction because I don't sell super fancy items so I never know how they'll sell.
  5. Buyers often prefer BIN because it allows them instant gratification but sellers of more unusual items will always auction because it means market forces will decide the worth of the item.

    I never use BIN because I don't know what my items could go for and find that using auctions means I'm rarely disappointed
  6. I much prefer BIN.
    However, if I see something I really want and the auction is going really slow and bids are not escallating, then I will bid, but only at the last minute:yes:
  7. It depends - each are good for diff. things. If I'm trying to move something I've had hanging around for awhile, and don't mind taking a loss, I'll start it at auction. If I'm not compromising on its price, I'll do a BIN, sometimes with B/O. As a buyer, I like auctions. I don't mind the sniping, but the best scenario, when buying, is auction w/ BIN, I think. I've gotten a Kooba Braedon through auction for a GREAT deal, but have also lost an Yves Saint Laurent Mombassa by getting sniped at the last minute! Doh!
  8. Best Offer is intriguing but my husband frowns on it. His stance is that it is the equivalent of saying "My BIN price is wishful thinking, I'll take less." What do you think ruemode?
  9. Your husband is right! I offered someone $50 less than their BIN of $350 and they refused, so I e-mailed back asking what they wanted......
  10. I actually prefer the Best Offer or BIN.

    I've read some of the eBay forums and a lot of people gave the I take X% less than my BIN.

    (I think I'm planning on putting some bags up that way...)

    I got a great deal from a tPFer through a Best Offer.
  11. Cornflower is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. Caramel definitely falls in the same category. Congratulations!

    When all is said and done: eBay is a crapshoot. :amuse:
  12. I agree. I stand firm and only list with BIN and "immediate payment required". I don't need any headaches. I've had plenty with eBay in the past and I'm done...
  13. As a buyer, I prefer BIN. When there is an auction, I generally don't bid anyway. I use a sniper and hope for the best. If it's an item I really want, I'd rather just buy it and be done. As long as the price is fair, it saves so much time and aggrevationg IMO.
  14. I hate auctions, both as a buyer and a seller. Auctions are like bargain basement clearance sales where women are ripping things right out of each others hands! If I see something I like, I want to buy it. Period. None of the auction headaches.

    As a seller, I prefer BIN with Immediate Payment Required. If you buy something anywhere else you have to pay immediately or you don't get it! If you do auctions, you can't ask for immediate payment so you leave yourself open to getting NPB or waiting too long for payment once the auction ends. I'll use Best Offer if I've listed something a time or two with no nibbles. It gives me an idea of what the market is willing to pay. If it's not to my liking, I reject the offer.