Auction ends and someone sends message wanting to buy item?

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  1. One of my auctions for a Coach bag ended this afternoon. The reserve price wasn't met, but the bidder who came the closest sent me this message:

    I noticed the auction for the *** bag has ended yet not met the reserve... I am still interested in the bag and was wondering what the reserve was you were trying to meet. Please let me know if we can possibly work something out

    Has anyone had this happen? Did you relist the item and let them buy it or did you sell it to them outside of ebay? Any advice?
  2. i will do it outside if buyer agree to, save my ebay fees
  3. If you can agree on a price with this potential buyer, then you can relist with a BIN option at that set price then just let her know "when" you relist and she can snap it up.

    It's happened to me a couple of times and I even did it once (as the buyer myself ~ didn't get home in time to bid).

    Just make sure you don't sell outright, as that would violate ebay policies.
  4. You can tell them what the reserve was and if they agree, you can list with BIN. Why not?
  5. Do you think sending the potential buyer a second chance offer would work? Since he/she bid on my item, it does give me that option...I've just never tried it before.
  6. |It is safer to do it on ebay if you are not sure of the buyer. If the buyer is reputable then you can do it outside & this way you can reduce the bag a bit to help the sale as you are saving on final value fees! However, this is violating ebay rules so if she reports you, you could lose your account!
    Mind you as the auction has actually ended, so it is not technically an ebay listing & you didn't end it to sell outside I wonder if maybe it is ok, I am not sure!
  7. i relisted my item ONCE when buyer said she really wanted to buy it when i relist it. never did, and i paid another fee
  8. If you will settle for her final bid amount? If not, I'd relist with the BIN option. Not only is doing it outside ebay a violation, you will have lost your pp buyer protection also.
  9. I would relist it as a regular auction with a BIN or Best Offer option, not just a BIN only. That way if this gal did flake out and not buy it, then it would still be open for other potential buyers to bid or BIN. :tup:
  10. I've gotten this a few times but I always set up an auction for the buyer so both of us are protected. I've never had a problem doing that.
  11. :tup:
  12. Ahh, good idea on the best offer option. I think I will try that to cover my butt if the potential buyer doesn't come through. Thanks!
  13. I send messages like this ALL the time, because I figure I'll make an offer, and the person would like to sell it, I agree to do an instant paypal payment, which will save them fees, one lady even let me do a 8 week layaway(I gave her $50.00 a week), I've always found honest people, and gotten some great deals.
  14. :tup::tup:
  15. Make sure to let us know what you decided to do and how it turned out!