Auction ended with BIN help pls

  1. The bidder won my auction through Buy in now has a paypal confirmed address. But when I called papal, they told me i am ineligible for the seller's protection. The reason is that she has a non-US verified account. She is only a eBay member since july 2007, and only has 1 feed back on a similar item. Should I ship to her?

    * P.s I did specific on the auction that buyer with 10+ feedback only, so I guess I can refund her for this reason??
  2. I don't think any paypal account outside of the US is confirmed, but honestly threw Paypal you are far more protected then if she was to have sent something such as a international MO or wired you the money. You should ship IMOA.
  3. This is a tough call. If your item is pricey, I would suggest you contact the buyer and tell her you cannot ship to an uncofirmed address, per PayPal's instruction. Ask her either send you an internation MO (talk to your bank how long to wait to make sure the MO is legit), or have her wire you the money; otherwise this transaction has to be canceled. However, I did ship overseas when my items are not too expensive, say below $100. But that is me though....
  4. Thanks for the reply! I wasn't too clear in my initial post. The shipping address is IN THE US and CONFIRMED by paypal. But I am not eligible for the seller's protection because the buyer's paypal account is opened in outside the US. (well, i guess that's the reason why I am not eligible for the seller's protection). Additional help on this topic will be really appreciated. TIA!
  5. I would definitely contact your buyer, also you can go to goofbay and see what other purchases your buyer has been making.
    I have sent hundred of items to unconfirmed address & so far no problems. I've honestly had more problems with confirmed addresses!
    Is the item expensive?
    You could always ask your buyer to pay using an alternative method.
  6. Same with me. I have done business with many unconfirmed addresses and although of course I'd rather the buyer be confirmed I'd still ship. Paypal has always been safe for me.