Auction Ended Friday Nite...Need Some Help!

hi all,
i've got quite a few things that i'm selling (in order to fund 2 new bags) and 3 auctions ended on friday person paid immediately and the other two (both have huge number of feedback, all positive) haven't paid yet...i sent a "congratulations" through ebay, and didn't hear anything....yesterday i sent a follow up email (to their personal emails) congratulating them again and nicely asking when they'd be paying so that i can package the items up to get them out before the holidays....
haven't heard from either of them...
dh says to give it another day, that perhaps they're busy shopping or just busy with the holidays, etc...
what are your thoughts?
thanks so much!!!!


Feb 1, 2009
In my experience, if my auctions ended on a Friday night, most of my buyers would pay on Sunday night because they're probably busy with things and figure you're not going to ship out until Monday anyway. Technically, the buyers are allowed 4 full days before they are required to pay. Personally, I would sit tight and if no payment by Monday night, I would send a gentle reminder and if that doesn't work, then i'd start the unpaid buyer process. I usually do the "feedback stalking" to see if they have won and paid for other items in the timeframe that i'm still waiting to get paid for my item. This is just from my own experience.


Labrador Lover
Oct 4, 2006
I am paying for stuff I won tomorrow morning. I need to print postage and an acceptance scan form.

Then I pay my fees and empty out my account.

Then I pay for my items.


Feb 1, 2007
They have 4 days to pay. Until then you just have to be patient or they will accuse you of "harrassment." If they don't pay or reply after 4 days, you can file a NPB (non-paying bidder) and get your fees back eventually. I think some people do need the 4 days to get their funding together. Some are just deadbeats who are not going to pay.
Sep 1, 2009
Also, keep in mind that, if any of your buyers are in the Midwest, we just got hit hard by a blizzard. lol


Dec 27, 2009
I always pay immediately, but that is just me.

Buyers are allotted a certain amount of time to pay and it is up to them at what point during that window of time they decide to do so. If it were me, I would not send anymore reminders - gentle or otherwise - lest you come off as a pushy seller. At this ponit, seeing as you've sent two reminders already, if your buyer does not pay within the allowed timeframe I would go ahead and proceed with filing a NPB.
Mar 3, 2010
Honolulu, Hawaii
If they don't respond or pay I'd give it about 5 days before I file a npb case
I've had some people with a lot of feedback not pay and not respond. They just take the strike.
Good luck!


Oct 11, 2009
If they won on Friday and hadn't paid by Sunday that isn't really weird, because a lot of people have parties/work/kids/hobbies/studying/whatever and just don't get a lot done. Some people also still do most of their banking in real banks rather and don't internet bank even if they have Paypal (weird I know but true!)

But what's scary is that they didn't take the time to send a message saying, "Hi I will pay Monday if I win this" either before or after the auction ended. If they're just ignoring you then they really do have a busy life which is possible or they are just going to not pay you or something.