Auction ended but...

  1. So, my auction ended with 12 watchers and no bids. There was a potential bidder who lives in NYC and wrote to ask me if it was OK for her to bid (she'd had a strike after a feud with someone who sent her a fake bag). Anyway, I wrote back and told her fine and offered to hand deliver it to her in NYC if she was there -- and I would refund shipping costs. That way she gets instant gratification or the chance to say she doesn't want it. But the auction ended and then she e-mailed me, basically asking to meet and offering me the starting price of the auction. We're going off e-bay, but it would be a face-to-face meet. I'd take cash or a money order, I guess. Anybody ever do this? Or is it a bad idea?
  2. IMO, bad idea.

    1. No eBay/paypal protection. It's not a whole lot, but at least it's there in case something goes wrong.
    2. This person will now know your name and what you look like, and can get more info from eBay. There are a lot of crazy people out there.
    3. I've heard of this one... you'll be carrying a bunch of cash and hypothetically this person could have a "friend" waiting for you somewhere. There you'd have no bag, no money.

    IMO, in-person transactions off of eBay are never good.
  3. ^I agree. I would probably relist and let them bid. You can set-up as buy now for them if you want.
  4. In order to be safe, I think you should establish it online, and not in person. If she was really interested in the bag, why didn't she bid on it while the auction was still going? I don't think you should trust her, and you have no protection or insurance doing it outside eBay. So I recommend passing on this one. Be safe!


    P.S. Like you already said, I'd suggest putting it up for Buy-It-Now, so someone serious about it can come along and purchase it.
  5. Bad idea to meet in person. You are totally unprotected financially and physically.
  6. Defo dont go off ebay.

    List it back and go through the proper process - I wouldnt meet either - you just dont know whos out there
  7. Totally agree....not a good idea!!! I'd be way too nervous/scared..... re-listing is the safest thing to do!!!
  8. If the person is paying you in cash and you are meeting at a mall or other public place, I don't see a problem. They can't do a charge back -- paypal is not involved. I've done it and made a purse friend who is also a member here.
  9. you would be taking a risk and why do that, do it thru ebay/paypal
  10. Yeah, I think I would do it under these conditions...
  11. I have done local pick up sales beofre (both as buyer and seller), but they have been won on ebay. If you plan on doing this, I would definitely meet in a public place with a lot of people around. If you feel at all uncomfortable, you could even meet at the police station, lol...

    Definitely only take a cash payment and do not go alone!
  12. I see this as no different than selling something on Craig's list or in your local bargain finder. She'd be paying you cash so you would not have to worry about her claiming something with PP nor would she be able to do a CC chargeback.

    I see this as perfectly acceptable and you would be completely safe, just don't go alone.
  13. ITA, meet someplace public and take a friend or 2 along. Even better, leave the bag with another friend out of sight, until you establish all is kosher. DO NOT accept anything else but cash!
  14. That's exactly what I was going to say I've delt off craigslist before and always met in a public place and only cash and not alone. And make sure if u r being paid in big bills that u have one of those pens that test for fake $ cause if they are giving you hundreds,,,,better safe then sorry :smile:

    But I think its ok cause can't a buyer only request personal info like phone and address if they bought from you? She won't have bought from you in ebays eyes so she can't get any of that :smile: good luck let us know how goes
  15. as long as you have someone with you and you conduct it in a public place, i think it should be okay. go with your gut.