Auction ended and....

  1. My auction ended for a purse I had listed last night and it didn't sell. This morning I have a message from someone saying they would like to buy it. I've never had anyone ask to do that. How do I do this? Can I still go through paypal? I don't want to get scammed. I am a new ebayer but so is the potential buyer. Buyer has 100% feedback on 22 items. I haven't emailed the buyer yet. I wanted to check here to be sure I do everything correct. What do I do next?
  2. I think most people on here would frown upon that, and eBay does state that you shouldn't do it, but I've done it before. If I really liked an item I was watching and it ends with no bids, I've emailed a seller and paid through PayPal.
    If their payment through PayPal clears, I say go for it... but DO NOT send the bag without payment first. Operate as if s/he had won the auction.
  3. Do NOT do a transaction out of eBay. If this buyer is serious about buying it, let them know that you would be willing to place a BIN so they could buy it for the price agreed upon.

    It's against eBay policy anyway to ask a seller to perform a transaction out of eBay.
  4. ^^^ I concur. You can set up a new auction at put the BIN price, that way you are covered!
  5. So I should relist it now at the BIN and let them know I have relisted it?
  6. I've done this but wouldn't do it off Ebay unless it was a seller/buyer I knew really well. The best option is to agree a price, let your buyer know you'll be relisting with a BIN of the agreed price and tell her to stand by her PC! I did this with a couple in Denmark a while ago and it worked like a dream once we worked out the time difference!
  7. Why don't you agree a price with the buyer and then relist the item for this amount.

    If you don't have enough feedback to enable you to do a Buy It Now price on the auction, you can get them to bid on it and then end the item and sell to the highest bidder.

    That way you are covered with eBay. I wouldn't do it outside of ebay.

    The only way I would think about doing it outside ebay is to send the buyer a Paypal request - that way at least they pay you through Paypal so you know you have the money.
  8. Ok thanks everyone!
  9. I have done it--but because the auction ended and I missed it. I usually email the seller and just ask if the item will be listed again, explain that I missed it and sometimes just ask if I can purchase it (through PayPal). I have good feedback and am reliable so the seller can make their decision.
    Ebay does frown on it and sometimes new sellers/buyers want to build up their feedback so selling/buying 'offline' doesn't help them. But DEFINITELY get the payment first no matter what.
  10. As a buyer on E-Bay sometimes my computer crashes or I am busy with something else and the auctions ends but I still want the item so I do e-mail Sellers. Also sometimes I think the listing price was too high and I e-mail the sellers if they wish to sell lower they can to me. You could always re-list the item.
  11. ITA. Contact him/her stating you'll relist with BIN. Transacting business outside ebay is grounds for account suspension. Worse yet, you're afforded no seller protection. Good Luck! :yes:
  12. I usually relist right away so if anyone messages me afterwards and wants to buy it because they didn't get to bid, I just add on a BIN. Then in the final price, I add in the cost (usually .75 since I don't sell expensive items) that it cost to relist. I've done this a couple of times lately but sometimes I just wonder how in the world you can put an item in your watched items list, watch it for 6 days, then "miss" the bidding (this is most often how it happens so I sometimes wonder if this is a new buying plan to get it for the lowest price possible). That does bother me because it has happened SO often with so many different buyers.
  13. With me, I don't use the sniping programs, I try to be there close to when the auction ends, becasue so many people bid within the last couple minutes. Sometimes though things come up and I can't be there. I really hate sniping, if it weren't for that I;d place a bid much earlier! I'm not a fan of Overstock auctions, but when a bid is placed in the last few minutes, the auction is automatically extended like 10 mins or something, I wish ebay did that. I know some people are going to boo me for that! lol
  14. ^^Yeah I know what you mean!
    It's just annoying when you have about 8 watchers for the duration of the auction, then 5 of them email you afterwards to say they missed the bidding lol. How could they miss the bidding if they were emailing me 3 mins after the auction ended? Oh well.
  15. ITA w/ chloeb - RELIST the item with a BIN and let her know - that is a safe option for you. Otherwise, relist for another 7 days.