1. Earlier today I bought a lot of boxes on eBay. I won them, paid immediately, and the seller sent me a note that the boxes will be sent in the morning. Well, I just went on eBay and got a message that the listing was removed because the seller's listing violated multiple policies. I remember that there were quite a number of bids on the auction from sellers who has 0 feedback, but didn't really think anything of it (brain fart apparently!) because as a seller I get lots of buyers with 0 feedback who bid on my stuff- never really thought about how odd it was that TONS of 0 feedback users were bidding. Anyway, now I'm wondering if there was shill bidding. I emailed the seller (who is still a registered user) but have a feeling that even if she did shill bid, she won't admit it. The email said that all bids are null and void, and I don't want to buy an item that was possibly shill bid, but I already paid. The auction is erased also- so I don't have any buyer protection. What are my options as far as the sale goes?
  2. I would contact ebay right away.
  3. Sometimes eBay cancels auctions for whatever reason but the seller is still going to go ahead and ship the item

    Lots of possibilities as to why the auction was cancelled but there is no reason as to why the seller would not send the item out

    If you contact eBay, they will not tell you why but say for safety reason or so forth

    did you pay via Paypal? if you did, you are still protected if you do not receive the item. Hopefully the seller will contact you but many times the sellers themselves do not know why the auction was pulled.
  4. Definitely contact ebay. At this point, even if she sends the item, there's still the possibility that the item was shill bid, meaning that you were ripped off. I know some people say shill bidding doesn't matter because you were willing to pay what you bid up to, but it's not right. I wouldn't go through with the sale, no matter what the seller says. There is the chance they're being honest, but I wouldn't be willing to risk that. JMO. If you paid with a CC, you could always do a chargeback. Keep us updated!
  5. sorry abt what happen to you..let us know the outcome..:tup:

  6. shilling is illegal and absolutely unacceptable
    but unfortunately I dont think ebay will disclose any information to you
    all they will say is that you are no longer obligated to purchase the item... i doubt they would disclose specifically as to why the auction was pulled

    your best bet if you still dont want the item is contact the seller, tell them you do not want the item as it is unsafe and that you would like a refund ASAP
    or wait it out.., the item is still likely to be received
  7. ^ I know ebay won't disclose the info. I was just saying that since the OP suspects it might be shill bidding, she should avoid the sale, even though she'll never find out why the auction was pulled. How nice would it be if ebay actually told buyers why the auction was cancelled so we could decide for ourselves if we still wanted it? Of course that'll never happen lol.
  8. What kinds of boxes? Like... boxes that designer bags and things come in?
    Or no?

    Isn't it against ebay policy to sell packaging, tags, dustbags, etc? I thought it was a banned/prohibited item
  9. I don't think it is, people seller designer store bags all the time
  10. Contact ebay and Paypal if that is how you paid. Personally I would request seller information and contact the seller directly to save all the wasted time...