Aubrey O' Day: From Making The Band, @ Her Birthday Party

  1. that blender pic makes her look fab! i just dont like her makeup at her party....the dress i am still undecided on if i like it or hate it.

    thanks for posting this prada.
  2. I think she looks like a drunk prom queen.
  3. Your welcome batgirl. :heart:

    The blender pic is fantastic.....but...
  4. I used to think she was really pretty! The hair the make-up the dress...all horrible.
  5. Not her best look. She's usually a gorgeous girl.
  6. Wow... what a difference between the Blender shoot and her BDay party. I would consider the party pics "When pretty girls go ugly". That hair... the eye makeup.... the dress... eek.
  7. Her makeup looks like she was dressing for Halloween not a party
  8. [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    Here she is again @ The Reem Acra Fashion Show !
  9. She needs to fire her stylist and makeup artist.
  10. the crotch of that yellow outfit looks a little...uh....revealing
  11. ita
  12. She looks like Kelly Ripa in those second set of pics.
  13. Danica, that wasn't very polite. :p
  14. she looks scary! Like a blonde Elvira or something! I used to think she was so cute!