Aubergine Pearl?

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  1. I felt in love with this color after I saw the pre-view pictures here.. BUT, it looks like the color IRL may not be the same as it is showing in the pre-view pictures..

    Here is the one by Luna Boston

    and here is the one by Aster Alice

    LB's looks just like a brown color.. but AA's looks a lot more purple.. can someone please tell me which color is closer to true?.. and what other styles this color will be available on.. TIA!
  2. Good question, ivy!! I waaaaay prefer the AA pics myself, the purple color there is gorgeous...I am also having some trouble distinguishing between caramel and cocoa in the online pics. :thinking:

    (I know that one is darker than the other, just how much is the question).

    It's driving me nuts! But my gut instinct is to go with the AA pics, since LB pics tend to be more "off" in general.
  3. Aubergine is supposed to be an eggplant color, right? I suppose it's actually more purple then, like AA pics. I haven't seen it IRL, though, so that's just my guess!
  4. Hmm, good question... My guess is that AA's colour might be a little more accurate, since LB does have a history of having more inaccurate colours. If we judge by the pics on as well, it looks like this'll be a dark purple with brownish undertones. I think the base leather might actually be brown (see the undersides of the tassels), with the dye and/or pearlescent treatment giving it most of the purple colour? Aubergine is supposed to be eggplant, yep, so I hope it looks more purple IRL too!

    (Hmm, maybe Monica herself or steph b could let us know?)
  5. It looks even more purple on myobsessionsboutique. I also hope it's a purple, not a brown like shown on LB.
  6. Yes, I would love to know as well. I wanted this color something fierce until I saw the LB photos. Then I scratched it off my wishlist.
  7. Hey Everyone!

    I see that there is some question as to what exactly what color the Aubergine Pearl is. So in order to clear that up, the best description of the color is eggplant with a metallic sheen. :graucho:

    Hope this helps!
    xoxo Botkier
  8. Thanks steph b, that sounds great, and is also what I really want, EGGPLANT!
  9. WOO-HOO!!! Sounds lovely!!

    Thanks for the clarification, steph!!! :smile:

    Now it's on my radar....
  10. Thanks for clearing that up, steph! That definitely sounds gorgeous!
  11. the picture on myobsessionsboutique is the same as the one on i think.

    Thank you! that's what I want to hear... what other styles are coming in this color? I just love it.
  12. eggplant with a metallic sheen. OMG that sounds so pretty!!!