Aubergine paddy, return or not?

  1. I got aubergine paddy from NAP, there are so much scratches, stains on most hardwares and little bit peeled off some part. I know how silver brass hardwares look's not like them. I'm about to return it, sadly. They can't exchange to another since it's sold out. hmm... It was a really good deal and I love this bag, but I don't want to keep defected item.
    Do I make a right decision? I'm not sure. Please, help me out.:crybaby:
  2. post some it really that bad?
  3. i say keep it, unless it takes away from the whole bag.

    Can you see it from far away???

    I think the scuffs, etc add to the vintage-y look of the bag.

    I know we all want it in perfect condition initially though so i understand on one hand.. .but i think the determining factor is if you love the bag as a whole.

    I heard you can get a replacement lock from Chloe for like $50 and you just take the screws out and screw the leather around the new lock.
  4. Would love to see pics ( can't be that bad ) plus it was 50% off at NAP. IMO I would keep it, That colour is great, I wanted the aubergine however it was sold out and I got the Tobacco.
  5. No buying/selling
  6. Please post pix. I ordered the Aubergine paddy too and the plate with the lock on is scrach up too. But I thought that is how it suppose to look? :confused1:

  7. Yea...I have the Aubergine..and the silver padlock definitely has a scratchier look...but it matches the overall distressed look of the bag. It's not supposed to look like the smoothly coated brass one. Enjoy it..its a beautiful bag! :yes:
  8. Hope this helps. This picture was from Nap:idea:
  9. Thanks to all of you ladies~! Do you think I better bring paddy to chloe store on madison ave and check it out? Thing is it's not only scratch also kind of stain on zipper hardware and little peeling off some part of leather. I tried to picture some part, it's not clear enough to see. On secound picture, you can see few black spots on panel.
    bags 012_1.jpg bags 013_1.jpg
  10. Aaaaaaawww...I hate when sale bags come damaged...I hope the folks at the Chloe boutique will be able to help you fix it! If not, maybe you should return it to NAP if you just aren't going to love this bag...50% off savings is only good if you're actually going to use the bag and love it!
  11. I have to say I think the hardware is meant to look like that
  12. It looks to me like the zipper is slightly tarnished and i can see the marks you are talking about on the plate (aside from the scratches which are meant to be there!)

    If you don't think you can deal with it then you must send it back.

    If, on the other hand you think you can get used to it, and you're not going to pick it out every time you look at the bag, then keep it..:yes:

    It was a bargain, after all...and i don't think it's going to be a long-continued colour, so it could become hard to find in the future.

    You've got to figure which is more important, i guess.:yes:

    Only you can decide on the outcome!

    Good luck!:flowers:
  13. I totally agree with Chicky!!
  14. I was going to say exactly the same thing. If you don't love it then it's better to put the money towards something that you will, imo.
  15. I agree that the scratchy tarnished look on the silver hardware is probably by design. If it is shiny and smooth to begin with it will get scratched up anyway with use. I love the Aubergine paddy. But if the imperfections you see are going to bug you then return the bag and use the money towards something else you really love.