AUBERGINE PADDY... Buyers Remorse Anyone???

  1. Hi!
    Hmmm... somehow my first thread was erased.
    I was wondering if anyone bought the Aubergine Paddy on NAP and has had Buyer's Remorse?
    I missed out on this bag because NAP customer service did not call me back! Damn them!

    No selling please !
  3. OMG... ARE U SERIOUS???

    WHY WAS MINE 940 with everything?!
  4. EIRE..A mod deleted that thread because its against the rules of the PF to sell/buys bags unless you are in the MP...Your first thread asked to purchase it..Thats NOT allowed.
  5. Is that US or CDN??? Mine was $800 US which is about $920CDN
    I Know I was shocked.....I don't know how their site works but works for me....
  6. i spoke with a woman there and she said the price was quoted in pounds (the 800)... have you checked your credit cards?

    mine was about 110 CDN
  7. sorry 1100
  8. i e-mailed customer care...

    i'm really upset now guys. $140 is a lot of money, especially considering i am getting the same thing either way.

    what should i do :sad:
  9. I have my confirmation e-mail and it says $800 USD...

    CHECK your confirmation e-mail and check the currency!!
  10. yeah i checked... theyre both in USD. and mine's 940! i don't understand why.

    i checked out using the americas website.

    i e-mailed their customer care bc they didn't know why... i'm so upset right now :sad:
  11. I went online again and in my order status it qoutes $614 for the purse + duties/taxes and shipping.....WIERD and not a good sign about the company!!!

    But they'd better not charge me a $ more than that!!!!
  12. i tried checking out from the int'l site and it showed me the 800$ as a final total too

    i checked out from the americas site and i got 940$. it's weird how the american site (right next door) is charging more for shipping, etc. than the int'l site which i think is based in london?

    i really hope they let me buy it for 800$ :sad:
  13. Are you in Canada???

    I didn't even know they were on sale on the US Site!!!

    I hope ot works out for you and let us know what happened....

    I guess for Canada shopping from the International site is better!!!
  14. yeah i'm in canada too

    i wish i had known there was a diff between the us and intl site!

    i will def let you know how it unfolds...
  15. BTW, I just tried it on the US site and it was $940USD......WEIRD to say the least......its cheaper to ship from the UK than the USA!!