Aubergine Paddy and Chloe Ollie 50% off at Net a Porter

  1. I know this is listed in deals and offers but wanted anybody to get a heads up if they were thinking about this bag.

    The price should adjust as soon as you put it into your basket, but if not you just add FALLTREAT in the code section of checkout :yahoo:

    Be great to see us girls get them, and not the dreaded ebayers ;)

    It only works on the bags and clothes that are listed as fall treats :biggrin:
  2. hi chloe babe..

    i just purchase a 05 chocolate paddy in 30 min ago..
    and now i saw the sale on NAP...

    do you think this Aubergine metallic would be yummy then the chocolate?

    any opinion would be appreciate..

    just cant decide...what should i do...

    i only have one blanc paddy now...:P
  3. Hey Thanks for the tip Chloe-Babe!!:angel:

    Too bad I am on a serious purse ban now (thanks again!! LOL) :wtf::nuts::upsidedown:
  4. Phoebe, the Aubergine is a fantastic colour, I have seen it in real life, and for this price its a fantastic bargain :smile:

    I just purchased the gorgeous Chloe blouse that I wanted at full price, so I got a great deal too ;)
  5. Hi Honey,

    We do not feel sad for you ;) You have bought some amazing bags in the last few days so your purse ban has to stand LOL :graucho:
  6. OMG, the 05 choco is WAY better, IMHO!!! :nuts:

    WAY!!! :love::drool:

    Did I say WAY!?!?! :roflmfao:

  7. I had a seriously weird cosmic thing with paddy loafs last week!!! :P

    Let me just say: It's Not My Fault.

    I think they might have been stalking me!! :supacool:

  8. I want to be stalked by a loaf... or a few loaves! Even if they are in chocolate (not my favourite), or worse, black (definitely not my favourite), as long as they are the mini size!
  9. I think the Aubergine is a fantastic color and is a great buy.
  10. Congrats on your purchase Chloe babe..
    please post pic when you receive it. :yahoo:
  11. oh gawd i am soooooo tempted.

    should i??
  12. i just bought the aubergine. pretty siked. Pixel, do it!
  13. Good choice! Here's a picture that in my opinion, shows the colour of the bag a bit better than NAP website.
  14. I just got one! Thanks so much for sharing the link chloe-babe :smile:! But do you think I should be worried that this looks too much like my noir paddy?
  15. The Paddy's now sold out. :yes: