Aubergine Melana for Fall

  1. I just saw this on the net-a-porter website! I am really loving this color. I wonder what other bags will be made in this color. It is a great bag but I want a bag with different hardware than the Mahalas and Maddys. Any info? Robyn?

  2. ^ Samantha, this bag so nice. I would like it even more if the same leather is used throughout the bag.
  3. Yes, I saw this the other night too and wondered the same thing. I will contact Casey and find out. I would imagine a Ramona is going to be coming out in this color as well and I have another photo of a bag this color that is in suede, but I deleted the email by accident, so I will have to get Casey to resend.
  4. Love this bag and love this color. Very elegant.
  5. Robyn, I just saw the suede bag you mentioned. It is featured in the latest Harper's Bazaar. I love it!
  6. Love It!
  7. I also saw it on Net-A-Porter and have been ogling it.

    hhmm... You really think a Ramona will come out in this color, Robyn? Is four Ramonas too many?:confused1:
  8. Blonedcat,
    you/we could NEVER have too many Ramonas:graucho: I think we should look at having one in every color to match our ever changing outfits/moods/weather (you get the picture;))
    From what Casey said, there will be a Patent leather Emerald green and also a Velvet Ramona for Fall:yahoo:

    I would almost bet the Plum patent leather will come in the Ramona too.:drool:
  9. Oh No :drool::drool::drool::drool: