1. YAY!! NAP was very fast with the delivery and I had a nice bundle of joy waiting for me this morning!

    As I mentioned on the other photo skills insult the true beauty of this bag. It's just lovely IRL!!

    I was so caught up with the excitement and taking pictures that I forgot to take the tags off..hence you cant see the brass...haha DOH:P Oh, and the bag lost some of it's was shipped

    So HAPPY!!! and I can't wait till all of ur's starts arriving...with the new tobacco and dove..and etc!!! YIPPIE!!! :yahoo:

    The Arrival.....BLACK BOX hahaha

    Just out..n still very flat~

    Trying to hang it out~

    A little more volume...slowly coming to life

    And..a sad attempt to get a shot in Real light...outdoors.

    **The color is indescribable...very rich, classy and beautiful..just have to see it for urself IRL....sorry for the bad fotos...I tried my best:yes:

    ~~I'm a click away...from getting the DOVE...eeek~
  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you for posting! The bag and color are gorgeous- Congrats!
  3. that's the color. :smile: I've got mine, too and the color is metallic brown-purple, I guess. I love the color and it feels just good. Personally, I prefer this color than tobacco because half of my bags are browny color...beige, light brown, orange-drown, dark brown,... anyhow, congrats, snosno!
    hmm... my padlock wasn't sealed when it came. It's supposed to be sealed, right?
  4. It looks lovely, and I think you take great piccies. You have captured the true colour and it looks really nice :smile:

  5. THANKS!!!

    Yea that's exactly how my bag came out of the box. Inside had some tissue stuffings..and the padlock was sealed and wrapped. I agree with you 100% I have lota browns and blacks as bags...but this fits right inbetween and is something NEW! Have you worn yours out yet?!~
  6. wow i love the aubergine in your pictures snosno!!! great bag! now im thinking if maybe i should switch...hehehe
  7. Wow!! In your pics, that color is so PRETTY!! Better than NAP shows. Congrats!!
  8. Congrats!!!! :yahoo: She's gorgeous!!!!! :love: :heart: Your pictures are beautiful (I esp love the last photo!!) Enjoy her!!! :flowers:
  9. ladies are making me BLUSH~ :blush:
    This is my first'll enter my LV and Gucci closet....but not netime soon...kuz Ima be carrying this around all winter!!!~ hahaha

    Ya'll made my first Chloe a very FUN FUN buy and experience! THANKS!!!
    :party: :love:
  10. It's a great bag - enjoy it! :flowers:
  11. Congrats on your new addition - it's truly a beautiful colour!:yahoo: :love:

    Wish i'd snapped one up now...:graucho:
  12. Gorgeous!!

    Im going to be a metallic convert here :nuts:

    and don't you love" target="_blank" class="TPFinsert">Net-A-Porter deliveries? It's like getting a gift for yourself, the wonderful boxes and ribbons? Their presentation is second to none, IMHO (unless maybe second to C-B! hee hee)
  13. the color is stunning, congrats!!
  14. Ahhh man, now I should have gotten the Aubergine!! It is TDF!!
  15. WOW!! That is a beautiful color. I think that is my favorite color Paddy since they put the Whiskey out! Congratulations!
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