Aubergine/eggplant kelly?

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  1. Aubergine/eggplant Kelly. It looks like a dark purple in the picture, but does anyone have any pictures of their bags in this color? I cant find it by either of those names on this site. Please post pics. Thanks!:biggrin:
  2. I would bet it is Raisin. Sounds lovely---congrats!
  3. I was just able to pull up your bag on a cached version of the Portero site - Wow! she is a beauty, I can hardly wait to see your reveal:graucho:

    Based on the color of the leather and the stiching, I'd say it's raisin. When you bring the bag in for the Spa, the craftsman can probably confirm the color for you.
  4. Thanks so much everyone! I'll post pics when she arrives- Tuesday or Wednesday. Then she is off to the spa to make her utterly perfect! I have been searching for this exact bag for almost 5 years now so when I saw it I bought it...after doing some authenticity research of course!
  5. Raisin or prune I'm really bad with colors on a screen but raisin I believe
  6. It arrives tomorrow--I'll post better pics so we can determine the color. I agree--either prune or raisin.
  7. :shrugs:questche:shrugs:
  8. I actually doubt it's either prune or raisin. What year is the bag?
  9. That sounds like a good guess. :yes: The picture in the avatar does look quite similar to the only questche bag I've seen. It was a lovely color & not seen often.
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    Oooh questche... I dug up this comparison on questche, prune and raisin post 1117

    I'm a big purple fan and am excited to see your pics tomorrow! I'm also a little curious if the leather is Box rather than Chamonix since in the Potero listing it looks to have a silver foil Hermes stamp rather than a blindstamp?

    (on a side note, according to the color comparison the bag I've called raisin for 7 years is actually... prune (ha!):shrugs:)
  11. Does it look like my avatar? Questche is a little brighter than raisin, more blue. Maybe also due to the leather which is cherve... Lovely colour and not common
  12. yes .. looking more and more like questche ..
    have seen this in a wallet in chevre only .. and quite elusive and ethereal, if you ask me:love:
  13. Quetsche was offered for a limited time recently and I'm not certain it came in chamonix. Knowing the year of the bag would narrow down the colour options.
  14. I saw the bag when it was on Portero and my heart skipped a beat! Congratulations - it will be lovely!