Aubergine Bayswater Arrived

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  1. The color of my new Bays is lovely. I am happy to say it is lighter than my black Bayswater but perhaps that isn't a good thing. i don't know! Happy to see the made in England. it was such a nice surprise for the Mulberry store in D.C. to have shipped it is a beautiful box! photo (2).JPG

    photo (1).JPG

  2. So pretty!!! Congrats!
  3. That is so beautiful! The dark purple is a smart and stylish color - a neutral of sorts but unexpected as well. Enjoy!

    I am happy to see the Made in England as well.
  4. Congratulations Izzy, fabulous colour :biggrin:
  5. Beautiful color!!! Enjoy ur new bag!
  6. Beautiful! Aubergine is such a lovely colour :smile:
  7. I adore why did I get. Confused and think you were hunting down a large bays shoulder????? Not keen on the shoulder but adore my bays and this is truly stunning......enjoy hun...The goatskin is considerably lighter but really harder....just try to avoid it getting bleached in all that sun!!! Congratulations on a fab buy
  8. Lovely colour, will look lovely with any outfit :smile:
  9. Gorgeous !
  10. Bag twins! She's a beaut! Mine has been pretty hard wearing so far.

  11. You thought I was looking for an aubergine shoulder because I told you I was!! After we talked I reconsidered! Also, after talking with the SA @ Mulberry I realized the shoulder wasn't big enough because I can use this color often and on a day to day basis I need more space. The final deciding factor was Made in England. It was a good decision so thanks for your input. They had a hard time finding one for me becasue aubergine has been a big seller in the US.

  12. The SA sent a pic of hers after months of constant wear and it looked new. Do you think it is primarily a fall and winter color? I do like the fact that it can be worn with so many colors. Thanks for the input and hope we both have long life Bays!
  13. That colour is amazing, so pleased you are happy with it. Congrats
  14. Congratulations Izzy, your aubergine bays is stunning! Love this colour
  15. Gorgeous! Congratulations! You've made me want to get my bays out more :smile: