Au revoir

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  1. I'm off to Paris tomorrow - will be gone 8 days - hope to have some handbag reports for you - and hope to stay clear of the rioting - will miss all of you - have a good week!!!!
  2. have fun!!!!!!!!!
  3. Paris!? Yay! Have fun! Take pictures!
  4. Bye!!! Have fun, take alot of pics in the Hermes store for us!!!!
  5. Lucky you! Have fun!!!
  6. Have a wonderful time!!
  7. lucky u, i have never been to paris. have a great time.
  8. Have a nice time! I'm going on tuesday!!
  9. Have a great time!!
  10. woohooo lucky girl! Don't forget to spend lots of money on stuff you can show us pics of!!
  11. and when you buy all your wonderful luxury bags don't forget to get the tax refund forms! it really adds up!
  12. Have fun! Be safe!
  13. Have a great time Suzy !!!!
  14. Have a wonderful time! Would love to see some Paris boutique pics (any boutique) lol.
  15. Enjoy! What a wonderful trip.
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