Au Revoir, Ladies

  1. Dear Hermes friends,
    After much sadness and consieration I've decided to resign my role as moderator of the Hermes board, which will be effective shortly. The recent events have left me exhausted in many ways and I've grown weary of having to deal with scammers, fakers, trolls and other things. I have enjoyed this forum and all of you so much and this is extremely hard to do, but I feel that I need to step back and take a very long break from all of this. Lately, I've become all too aware that you just never know who is watching. Because I'm somewhat of a private person, I need to re-evaluate that right now. My garden needs tending, my house could use a little dusting and my sweet children need more of me than I've given them lately.
    I truly wish all of you the bags of your dreams.
    With hugs,
    Greentea, logging off
  2. omg, its so sad, this has been depressing for everyone, thanks for your time as a VERY good mod, and know that there are people here that love you, we're your second (or third) family! we're all gonna miss you sooo much youve been really helpful and very appreciated, Au Revoir
  3. GT -- moderating is no pic-nic, that's for sure. i'm not surprised you need some time for yourself, so take it and enjoy! but when you've decompressed i hopehopehope you'll come back to visit and chat, sans responibilities. because you will be SO VERY missed. :crybaby:

    and heartfelt thanks again for the croc guide -- it's so easy now even i can do it!

    :heart: :flowers:
  4. Oh GT,

    I completely understand and respect your decision, but know that you will be greatly missed. You did a wonderful job moderating this subforum and putting out the fires. Hopefully this will just be temporary, and we'll see you again soon. :flowers: :flowers:
  5. Au Revoir GT.....I understand and I will miss you well.
  6. Bye GT :sad: We will miss you. Hopefully you'll have time to stop by and talk to us!!
  7. Nooooo!! Please don't go!!!:crybaby: Wah ... *sigh* I'm really sorry to see you go, but I can understand where you are coming from. Being a mod is difficult work and a lot of things to handle. I hope you will come back SOON. Please take care of yourself. *hug*
  8. This is sad Greentea, I wish you all the best...just about to post my pics...this is so sad.:crybaby: I completely understand your point of view. Reality is the real deal and if you need this time now for yourself, you deserve it. Again, best wishes dear Greentea:heart:
  9. :sad: u will be missed :sad:
  10. i wish u all the best and thanks again for putting together the croc guide. that was awesome.
  11. GT - You were the best Mod - I'll certainly miss you - you're right, your beautiful kids need their mommies time!

    :heart: K.
  12. Dear GT:

    Please take care. we'll miss you a lot! thanks for everything you've done for the H forum. Please come back and say hi when you are ready.

    Lots of Love
  13. GT, sorry to hear that you have decided on this.. but your decision is very much respected.. thank you so much for all the time, effort, patience, and expertise you have shared with all the members of the forum.. I so appreciate all the time when I have asked for help and you were so kind to share with me your knowledge.. thank you for that..
  14. Greentea, I understand that being mod can take the fun out of being on the board. Please take care of yourself during your downtime, relax and put the crazy web world behind you for a while. And then, come back and still share your love for Hermes with the rest of us!
  15. I wish you well and hope to see you around here again! It certainly was exhuasting just watching the commotion around here....