Attracting pregnancy

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  1. Ok, so I am a huge Oprah fan... I totally drink her kool aid IYKWIM (dh thinks she is a cult leader :shocked:) So, I was watching her follow up show yesterday on The Secret (law of attraction) which is basically, your thoughts attract things into your life.

    That got me I going about this baby stuff all wrong? Instead of being dissappointed each month and getting upset, angry, jealous, sad, and expecting something is wrong with me, maybe I should think the opposite and it will attract pregnancy?? Am I making any sense? :confused1:

    I wanted to start a thread of only positive thoughts and list somethings we can all focus on to help attract pregnancy. :tup:

    It's worth a shot. :shrugs: It just might work....
  2. I got AF today and instead of being upset and disappointed, I will list why I am greatful that she is here:
    -My body is healthy enough to have a period
    -I get to have a big glass of red wine this weekend
    -I can continue my goal towards weight loss
    -The next opportunity is right around the corner
    -It would be so fun to conceive on Valentine's Day!!

    Go Team TTC! :dothewave:
  3. That I too am healthy enough to have periods and they don't kill me.
    I got to have wine last night, although after working out, which I am sure did not help that effort.
    I can try again next month.
    I can keep dieting full force!!
  4. Ok girls.... I need help with this one... My "friend" (we aren't all that close and don't speak regularly) called to tell me she was pregnant. She has been trying longer than I have been.
    -I'm happy for her!
    -It was thoughtful of her to call me and tell me herself
    -It gives me renewed hope that I will also get good news to share.
  5. FWIW, I think The Secret works! Good luck to you and the others who are TTC!

    Also, if you have a minute, Joel Osteen tells a story in Your Best Life Now about his sister's battles with conception. You could probably Google it and find the jist! I thought it was very inpirational and proof that your EXPECTATIONS and INTENTIONS really do govern your life.

    I firmly believe that POSITIVE ATTITUDE is everything. I certainly saw your positivity when I read this thread!

  6. Tabby, you have to remain positive even in times of disappointments. What about if you buy a scrap book and fill it up with pictures that you find which represents the baby you want to have, the clothes you want s/he to wear, the crib, etc. ? I do that and its really fun and makes me smile everytime I flip through it. I also have one for financial prosperity LOL!!
  7. Great thread tabby!
    I am grateful that:
    I and my DH are healthy.
    I have a SO to share my life with.
    I have a beautiful home just waiting for a new addition!
    I have my mom to help me when it is time.
    I have never had irregular periods.
  8. ^ thanks guys! I am really excited about this thread.
    Old thinking: Why is it taking so long
    New Thinking: Why not make the most of the time before baby?
    DH and I decided to make the most of the time we have together pre-baby and are planning trips that we most likely won't take after baby, daytrips, weekend trip and maybe a Caribbean vacation (per DH's bonus). We are also gearing up for some home improvement projects so the house is ready for a family!
  9. Old Thinking: Why couldn't it happen right away for me?
    New Thinking: Why NOT you? I have a great support system (family, friends, tPF) to help me along in my journey. I have the financial stability to afford medical expenses related to conceiving. I have such a wonderfully supportive husband who is with me every step of the way.

    Wow, just writing this makes me feel so much lighter and more grateful :tup:
  10. Love that idea :tup: Looks like I have another project!
  11. I thank God that I have had the time to do so much research regarding my body and fertility.
    It has given me an opportunity to learn so much. I would never have learned all this if I had an "unplanned pregnancy".
  12. Excellent thread tabbyco!! You're the best!! :heart:

    I was just thinking the other day that whilst waiting for it to happen, DH and I can continue to enjoyour lifestyle - more couple time, sleeping in late, having enough/peaceful/undisturbed sleep(!), lazing around, doing anything we want anytime.

    I've been meaning to gather baby pics too esp the cute ones, so we could make one just as adorable!

    What a great idea this is. Babydust everyone!!!
  13. I love the story in The Secret about the millionaire with his vision boards.

    For anyone who hasn't checked out The Secret, or would like to again, I HIGHLY recommend the audio CDs. I believe they have more info in them than the DVD, and it's very uplifting to just let them play in the car. Turn them up, down when you're on the phone, etc. You'll get more from them each time you listen!
  14. That's a great idea!! I have the DVD and it is a little trippy...:wacko:
  15. Old Thinking: I can't believe I am making an appointment with a specialist, this is awful, I am such a failure.
    New Thinking: I can't believe there is a world renowned fertility clinic only 10 minutes away!! (They had the first IVF birth in the country). I am so fortunate and lucky to have such experts that will help me get pregnant in no time!!