ATTN: Vancouver Fendi Nuts!!

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  1. i just got back from Holt Renfrew, and i saw the elusive Blueberry Spy ON THE DISCOUNT TABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    according to the SA it was just released a day ago, so naturally, my special tPFer instincts was to POUNCE ON IT...!!! it's now on hold for me!

    anyhoo.. i haven't even sold my balenciaga blueberry day yet :sweatdrop: so really.. i can't afford this. But i know plenty of u ladies out there who'd LOVE to have this bag! so let me know and i'll 'release' it for you :yes:.

    it was going for CAD$1569. retail was over $2k.

    hurry i only have this weekend!! :okay:
  2. could you PM please if you don't plan to get it...? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and thank you!
  3. WOW what a good deal. I paid full price for mine... approx 2450 USD. What a good price, MissV did you get it??? I'm so excited for you! :nuts:
  4. Wow that is so cool. Only if i was not in edmonton.
  5. What a STEAL! Congrats on a great deal!
  6. I don't believe it, I tried that one on. I was contempating colours, and just decided I wanted the Blueberry, now it's gone:crybaby:
  7. :wlae:
  8. Im still waiting to hear back from Orinoco *ahem ahem*!!!
  9. Did this one get sold or did it go back on the sale table?
  10. Wow! I would want it but I just remembered that I already have one (how I could even forget for a split second is beyond me..)! I too paid full price but feel like I scored because I didn't have to pay tax from eluxury. Score! :p
  11. I bought it! The hold was expired on the bag and they were unwilling to hold it anymore, and I was there, in the right place at the right time. I hope that Orinoco and MissV aren't upset with me.
  12. ^I just said a congrats on the other thread. Well I don't know if they'll be upset or not but I'm glad one of us got it.:yes:
  13. oooooooooh thats to bad I would be upset but thats life on the other hand what better then a fellow tpf Congrats :yahoo: for Queen D and Sorry :hrmm:for Orinoco I mean it.
  14. haha no biggie! i decided on not getting it anyways.. and i did tell vivi to get it on sat, so if she didn't, i'm real glad one of US did..! :tup:
  15. Thanks orinoco, I feel much better.